I’ve been getting a lot of spam postings on my SMF 1.x Forums. So I decided to do a bit of research. So here are the things that I could figure out so far:

In SMF 1.x, there is no built-in support for post approvals. I couldn’t figure out any other mods as well. So in SMF 1.x, if you want to prevent spam posting to an extend, the easiest option is to have the memberships approved.

Even though approving members don’t solve the issue totally because once approved, they will still be able to post spam, but a lot of registrations are coming from the same kind of email addresses, so it is very easy to delete most of the requests that way.

In order to enable approval for registration, you need to login as an admin and go to the Settings page:

Admin > Registration > Settings

Once you are in the Settings page, look for the first Select Box, Method of registration employed for new members and change its selected value to Member Approval.

Click on the Save button and you are done. All the new registrations will wait for your approval before going live!

You can go to Admin > Members > Awaiting Approval page and approve/delete any pending registration requests.

The good news is that 2.0 Final has been released. When I started my forum, 2.x was still under development. So if you guys plan to start a new forum, better go for 2.x version because it has got a built in post approval system.

Hope this article was helpful. Please post your comments.

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