My battery is set up to charge to 80%. How to I change it to charge a 100%?

If you are using a Samsung laptop, you might have come accross this issue. To change the settings, click Start > All programs > Samsung > Battery Life Extender > Battery Life Extender . Click “yes” if prompted. When the program launches you should have the option to go back and forth between 100 and [...]

Unknown column ‘a.attachment_type’ in ‘field list’

If you are facing issue while upgrading from SMF 1.x version to 2.x and you are pretty new to this, then probably you are encountering the following error: Unknown column ‘a.attachment_type’ in ‘field list’ Suppose your forum is at and you tried to run the upgrade using, you will encounter the above error. [...]

SMF Forum 1.x – Preventing spam posts – Member Approval

I’ve been getting a lot of spam postings on my SMF 1.x Forums. So I decided to do a bit of research. So here are the things that I could figure out so far: In SMF 1.x, there is no built-in support for post approvals. I couldn’t figure out any other mods as well. So [...]
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