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How to display excerpt (summary) of posts in wordpress using Mystique theme

If you do not want to show the entire post in category, archives and home page, you can do it by following the below steps: 1. Login as the administrator 2. Go to wordpress Dashboard 3. Go to Appearance -> Mystique 4. Click on Content Options tab 5. Under Post Previews section, check the Content checkbox and [...]

How to deactivate all call diverts in any brand mobile?

If somebody is calling you and the call is going to your voice mail or it is diverted to some other number, then you can deactivate all the call diverts by typing ##002# and pressing call button. This is a universal code ie., you can use this code in any brand of phone and in [...]

SIM Memory full – Nokia XpressMusic 5800 – Problem

If your Nokia XpressMusic 5800 shows blinking message that SIM memory Full, then follow the below instructions to fix that issue. Option 1. If you want to empty all sms in the sim, hit messaging > Options > SIM messages > Options > Mark/Unmark > Mark All > Options > Delete > Yes. Option 2. [...]
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