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Creative Zen Mp3 Mp4 player

Creative Zen Mp3 Mp4 player

Creative Zen Mp3 Mp4 player

Creative zen is a very good mp3 mp4 player.

I’l list some of the pros and cons over here

-Good quality of audio and video playback
-good battery backup of upto 30 hours for audio and 5 hours for video
-has extendable memory card slot

-can easily get scratches and fingerprints on the front panel and screen.
-the files stored in sd card does not have the normal features like playlist and albums.. they are just organised as directory heirarchy.

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Youtube to creative zen player video conversion

Please read my previous post to learn how to download youtube video as .flv file.

When you have downloaded the flv file, follow these easy steps to convert the video to the format that creative zen will play without any problems!

1. Open SUPER © Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer and select the following settings.


Output Container: AVI

Ouput Video Codec: MPEG-4

Output Audio Codec: mp3

FFmpeg or MEncoder: FFmpeg

Video Scale Size: 320:240

Aspect: 4:3

Frame/Sec: 30

Bitrate kbps: 1008

Sampling Frequency: 22050

Channels: 2

Bitrate kbps: 64

2. Drag and drop the .flv file to the super encoder file list.

3. Press Encode (Active Files) Button

4. when asked to select “Rendered file optimizer”, select DX50 – Best with DivX5/DivX6 decoders and click ok.

5. when the coversion is complete, the file should be ready to be just copied to Zen mp3/mp4 player using Zen Media Explorer without any more zen conversion!

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